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Decisions, Decisions. . . Finding the Perfect Summer Camp for your Child

Decisions, Decisions...
Finding the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Child

by Mikey Smith, M.Ed

As summer camp season approaches, the choices are seemingly endless. There are camps for everything from cooking to karate to quilting and everything in between. But what's the best fit for your child? Sometimes, the obvious choice might not be the best one. Thinking outside the box when making decisions about what camp your child will attend can go a long way toward helping make the most of his summer camp experience.

The Athlete
Sure, there are sports camps for just about every specific sport under the sun, but how many football or soccer or volleyball camps can you go to? Attending the same sports camp year after year can get a little stale. Encourage your budding superstar to branch out with another sport, or a multi-sport themed camp. Help them get and stay fit with a nutrition or yoga class.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: From Fishin' to Football, Karma Kids Yoga, The Great Outdoors, "What's Cookin'?"

The Introvert
Try to get your shy student out of his shell with a class that will allow him to express himself in a safe environment.  A speech and debate class, a singing class, or any other performing arts-themed class will allow your student to take center stage. . . but not in front of a ton of people. Getting a shy student more comfortable in front of others in a small, safe environment can be key to helping him blossom in a larger environment such as a typical middle school.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: Debate It, Glee Club, Hip Hop Dance, Young Men or Young Ladies in Training

The Type-A Personality
Give your overachiever the tools to work smarter and not harder with a class on organization or study skills. Or, encourage him to learn relaxation and self-calming techniques with a yoga class. Any class that can help an overstressed student manage life and school will be beneficial in the long run.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: Head of the Class, Destination Middle School, Karma Kids Yoga

The Techie
A keyboarding class will benefit any budding Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Classes on the latest software and presentation platforms will help your student showcase his technology skills. Any technology-based courses will also come in handy during the school year as more and more schools employ technology in the classroom.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: Go-Go Graphics, Keyboard Kids, The Perfect Presentation

The Creative Genius
Help your student channel his creative energies with a non-traditional art class such as a duct-tape design, creative writing or computer graphics class.  Or, how about learning to play an instrument? These classes allow students to express their creativity in a new way.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: Color My World, Go-Go Graphics, Duct Tape Creations, The Real Guitar Heroes, In Focus Photography, "What's Cookin'?"

The Fashionista
Get your student out of the mall and into a camp! A class on duct tape designs will allows students to create their own fashionable accessories such as wallets, headbands, flip-flops and more. There are also classes in which she can whip up a variety of her own signature bath and body products such as lip gloss, sugar scrub and lotion.
Raising the Bar Recommendations: Duct Tape Creations, Spa Science

Research shows that enrolling your child in just about any type of summer camp experience is better than letting him or her sit at home on the couch. But why not make the most of that experience by thoughtfully considering all the options that might work for your child? A unique summer camp class can not only enhance your child's current talents but might also allow him or her to discover a new passion.

Raising the Bar offers a HUGE variety of academic and just-for-fun summer camps.
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